Friday, August 19, 2011

Mercedes Benz Hatchback India

Hatch backup cars are the flavor of the season. People really love them and are happy to buy them as well. Almost every car manufacturer makes a hatchback and participating in this car is none other than the luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Apparently, Mercedes is just giving a thought over launching Mercedes Benz A class in India soon. Other manufacturers of luxury cars like Audi and BMW are also developing hatchbacks for the Indian car market. Therefore, Mercedes Benz and Audi had both their cars in the volume with Sector-A, Audi A3 and Mercedes A-class. Following Mercedes and Audi, BMW launched its BMW 1 Series.

It has been speculated that the idea can not explain, that the Mercedes Benz A-class is much better, and better than the appearance of the previous class. Speculations indicate that this concept of A-class is much more dynamically designed. It is said that Mercedes-Benz is putting all efforts to launch a new Mercedes A-Class Hatchback in the country as soon as possible. New Mercedes A-Class has a striking resemblance to the concept, which was revealed in the past. Previously included in the concept that the car has 204 hp and a dual-clutch transmission. The car is still pulled back to a kind of design and has suddenly tilted windshield. The preparation is also a lot of big Mercedes B-Class, which is likely to be released much later and Mercedes Benz GLS that could arrive by the year of 2014.

This time Mercedes has put much emphasis on the construction of the interiors of Mercedes Benz A-Class According to reports floating in the automotive sector, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is based on the platform and the AMF is likely to contain the gasoline 4-cylinder diesel taken from Mercedes C-Class sedan, although it will be installed with a slope. However, the Mercedes Benz a price has not been revealed.


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