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Look At The Differences Between The World Of Warcraft From The Comfort Of Your Home, Compared With The Tournament.

If you've ever seen a tournament, you've probably heard one of the wheels are the words "tournament camp" at one time or another. A model is a composition of classes that stand out in tournament games played in a LAN environment.
There are a number of different factors that determine whether the composition is suitable for tournaments, or is best left to live realms. Some of these factors are:

The Element of Surprise
Live realms, the teams have a disadvantage (or advantage, in some cases) to have no idea who will row against. This tournament, however, the players almost always know exactly who they are against, and - barring any major last-minute changes to Comp - will know what to do with each team playing.
A good tournament is one that is not dependent on the element of surprise, a model which is still in the arena, whatever the circumstances. Then you can re-think boomkin / comp Priest Shaman Elemental / Shadow you think of qualification to the next stage of the kingdom of the tournament.

Gear Reliance
Although not currently a problem that is now playing tournaments with 264 gears at the item level, there was a time when the tournaments were played in obsolete equipment. This meant that the classes that are heavily dependent on statistically not work as well as classes that are not.
That is why we have seen almost no elemental shaman compete before Columbus MLG 2010 (the first tournament to be played with 264 level of the material element). Elemental shamans are one of the most gear dependent class in the game, and they had a couple of fans, and tournaments are now flooded with them.

However much they may hate to admit it, the more often a professional world of Warcraft players can see their skill levels to drop significantly in the LAN environment. You are using an unknown device in an unknown place, where a number of people watching you, is perfectly understandable that players can add error or two here and there.
So, a good tournament Comp does not need to rely on players said: Comp does not make any mistakes at all. This is one reason Complexity.Black has seen success both in the composition of the cut through the beast, if someone makes a mistake, their chances of winning do not drop to zero. Good tournament compositions are those that should not be an error-free.

Some people may argue that there is no such thing as a "counter of a draft," and some may argue that the construction drawings is why some teams, as well as they do. Whatever your opinion may be, there are a number of circumstances in the past, where the teams were able to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents and to mount them like a wave to victory.
An example is the 2009 MLG Columbus. The tournament was filled to the brim with computers running the Rogue / mage / priest range. Then came Flexx and Twixz Kintto with their animals, will join a strong counter to the range of the PGR. Columbus won - and a MLG tournament series later - helped unite with their line beast. A model is a good tournament, which exploits the weaknesses of the opposition his compositions during the tournament.
To be a success in every tournament, you must learn the advantages and disadvantages of their composition during the tournament. For a model of strong tournament is probably one of the most important factors leading to success in tournaments. Therefore comps that PGR Org (RIP) and RLS have been so successful in the past.

Friday, July 22, 2011

General Motors Chevrolet India To Launch The Beat Diesel

The new Diesel Chevrolet Beat is all set for release on July 25 this new offering from the Indian branch of GM, Chevrolet, will apparently be the most economical diesel car in India. The tailgate of the new diesel engine is known as "the smartest Diesel" by U.S. auto giant. This compact sedan and energetic as to be effective, adding to their good points. The powerful diesel engine is a Fiat loan and the size was reduced to 937 cc, three cylinder. The engine is capable of beating to 57.8 hp and maximum torque of 15.2 mkg. Chevrolet diesel prices should be in the range of Rs 4 to Rs 4.2 lakh.

Chevrolet Beat 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011

Maruti Suzuki has always worked hard to maintain for a long time number one position in a car factory in India. In this effort to come up with new Maruti cars in all segments in a couple of years in the previous version. This time the new car has a new avatar of the popular car Maruti Suzuki Swift. Swift will be even better because of its size, for indoor and outdoor spaces. Signature style and format will remain largely the same, but the new Swift is longer, wider and slightly higher ride height, to a lesser stability.

The new Swift in 2011 is longer than the Swift Current about 155mm. This is a good idea to add the new length of 3,850 millimeters (than the current length of 3,696 mm), which further helps to maintain the new type of Swift small car in terms of keeping the tax provisions is less than 4 meters long . This increase in length will increase more space inside for easy and attractive car to buy.

The width was also increased from 1690mm to 1695mm, which is a significant change. The height of the new Swift is 1510mm 1530 mm compared to the current speed, which is slightly smaller in height. The wheelbase has been increased to 2430 mm to 2390 mm, which will add to better handling and performance.

New rear light design extends to the back pages and makes a lot of attractive appearance in a New Rapid much better. Chandeliers Crystal clear front and back makes a nice looking car.

Engines: 1.2-litre petrol engine (90bhp), 1.3-litre diesel engine (75bhp)

Thursday, July 7, 2011



Rolltop laptop is a concept developed for the designer, architect and all those who would like a gadget, which from an aesthetic point of view alone, probably hit the mark. Under OLED technology and the usefulness of a multi-of a touch screen laptop with its emphasis on a mini-laptop and the screen size of 13 inches easily converted to the tablet, with 17-inch flat screen can also be used as a main screen with the support attached to the back of the screen.

Rolltop 2.0 is an evolution of rolltop with some improvements visible and invisible in particular (such as interior design, the placement of certain components, etc.)








Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tata Manza clocks an incredible mileage of 46.33 km per litre to join Limca book of records.

Tata Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS) has clocked an incredible 46.33 km per liter mileage. This feat was achieved Narayanan Menon, Coimbatore residents who have enlarged in the Limca Book of Records.

Narayanan R Menon, Managing Director of Aromen Engineering Company and a proud owner of Tata Manza has been certified for the remarkable drive on the Coimbatore-Avinashi by-pass on 25th of May 2011. Menon covered a stretch of 72.3 km long road on his Tata Manza, while only consuming 1.58 liters of diesel, which is an impressive mileage of 46.33 kilometers per liter.

A mechanical engineer, Menon himself does not credit an amazing mileage to a ‘magic foot’ rather a combination of good driving and car maintenance. For the country where fuel efficiency is an important factor in car ownership and rising fuel prices, The feat surely promises well for the mileage-conscious customer.

Mahindra W201

The W201 seems huge to begin with. The front grille receives the familiar "Jeepish" look with walrus tooth in the middle that houses the Mahindra logo. The headlights on the other hand, large clear lens units and meet European standards, this new sport Mahindra LED daytime running lights. The hood blends perfectly into the sleek windshield, which in itself is a great device.

As for the finer one of the pillars, the new Mahindra is sure to provide good visibility. The profile of the ground clearance is clearly visible. Indicators of the OMV and sport type door handles that are as unique SUV. The tailgate is hinged at one end. The spare wheel is located under the body. The W201 includes an interior two-tone sheath with a double panel. The center console has controls for automatic climate control and satellite navigation screen video and a rearview camera.

Steering wheel controls will also be a part of the package and therefore is premium features such as automatic wipers and AC outlets for all three rows. Under the hood could be a redesigned version of common rail 2.2-liter unit mated to a 6-speed manual. Auto will also be offered to international markets. A change-on-the-fl and the 4WD version is also planned

Spied Photo

 Specifications (Speculated) :- 
Source - http://autos.maxabout.com/


World SUV W201

Car Body Type:
D Segment


2179cc, M-Hawk (Expected)
Engine Type:
Maximum Power:
120 Bhp (Expected)
Maximum Torque:
290 Nm (Expected)


Seating Capacity:
Tyre Size:
Front Disk, Rear Disk
6 Manual
Body Color Bumpers:



ORVM Indicator:

Xenon Headlamps:

Trip Meter:
Headlamp Washer:


Parking Sensors:

Fog Lamp:

Traction Control:




Rear Seat Belts:


with Dual Zone Climate Control
Power Windows:

Central Locking:
Remote Boot:

Remote Fuel Filler:

Rear Wiper:

Rear Defogger:

Rear Armrest:
With Cup Holder
Streeing Adjustment 
Driver Seat Adjustment:
Music System:
Dash Integrated MP3 CD Player
Leather Seats:

Door Mirror:
Both Side Electric
Tinted Glass:

Rear AC Vent:

Folding Rear Seats:

Sun Roof:

on Steering:

Auto Viper:

Auto Headlamp:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yamaha R15 2012

Yamaha goin to launch new model of R15 soon- Road Test is still going on.

Yamaha is working on it new Yamaha R15 model, which will hit Indian roads soon. Although no official announcement of the launch date or details, but their mit be a price fall. The new model will be presented mid 2011 a certain aesthetic improvement and may also have a motor drive suddenly or minor changes as well. The Yamaha R15 has been very popular with cycling aficionado and the new model is expected to increase sales have further. Some unofficial sources disclose that there may be a price cut up to 10,000 rupees in the current price. This change could be mainly be due to the localisation and also partly due to the marketing team's decision to be more likely to compete with products from other bikes in the price of the same segment. The current price of the Yamaha R15 is Rs 1 lakh ex-showroom Delhi that could increase competition in the higher segment like Honda CBR250 motorcycle priced at Rs. 1.5 Lakhs which manages the Indian roads quiet brilliantly.

Spied Photo

Yamaha R15 - 2011 Specification :- (top speed blog)

Engine type:
4-stroke, Single
Displacement:150 cc (9.17 cubic inches)
Bore × stroke:57 mm × 58.7 mm (square)
Throttle:Cable operated
Valve train:SOHC, non-variable
Valves per cylinder:4
Sparks per cylinder:1
Ignition type:TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Engine mounting:Transverse
Lubrication system:Wet sump
Gear box:Manual 6-speed
Clutch:Wet, multiple discs, cable operated
Final drive:Chain

Physical measures
Length:1995 mm
Width:670 mm
Height:1070 mm
Wheel base:1290 mm
Trail:100 mm
Ground clearance:160 mm
Seat height:790 mm
Curb weight:131 kg
Frame type:steel, twin spar
Fork angle:26°
Brake:Single Disk
Tire:80 / 90 R17
Suspension:mono shock, Swingarm
Tire:100 / 80 R17
ABS available:No
Fuel capacity:12 l
Number of riders:persons

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mahindra Reva EV NXR

Mahindra is going to launch full sized four-seater Reva EV NXR next year.

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited, India's largest company manufacturing electric vehicles (EV), based in Bangalore is likely that the launch of its first full-size next year four-seater electric car EV NXR. It will provide a solution to rising gasoline prices.

R. Chandramouli, Project Director of Mahindra Reva said the company will manufacture 30,000 units of Reva NXR later this year and the sale of these vehicles will begin next year.

The NXR Reva EV "will be available with a choice of lithium or lead acid battery. He also came to see the car with lithium is more expensive compared to the lead acid battery. Since the car with the Lithium has a higher speed than the mileage and about 100 miles per charge. However, the car with the lead acid battery can deliver a mileage of only 80 km per charge and its speed is very similar to the power of today Reva two-seater. That these lithium batteries have a battery life of 40 percent compared to lead acid batteries.

This is the body RSV NXR ABS steel framed and dent-resistant material. Machine size is slightly longer than the models like Maruti Estilo, but the design is very similar.

R. Chandramouli said that Reva has sold nearly 600 existing two-seater Reva last year and expects to sell more units by the end of this year. "It is because of its association with Mahindra, which last year bought 55% in REVA Electric Car Company," he added.

There are costs vary from Reva 3.36 lakh of Rs 3.89 lakh RS (on road price in Bangalore). However, the price of RSV NXR has yet to be announced.

Mahindra Reva EV NXR

Friday, July 1, 2011

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge China

World's longest sea bridge spans 42.5-km over Jiaozhou Bay

The world's longest bridge on the sea, the new Marvel of modern Chinese design, was opened to traffic on Thursday.

42.5 km arc extends across the spectrum of the blue waters Jiaozhou Bay and connects the northern port city to flourish with the Qingdao airport built on a nearby island, and the industrial suburb of Huangdao. The first car to roll the Y-shaped bridge sixlane, 33.5 m wide road was cut in half the time their journey to the other side of the bay, just 30 minutes.

Built-in four years the cost declared by the Chinese state media, $ 2.2 Billion, the bridge is located on the pillars and the 5200 is designed entirely by Chinese engineers in Shandong Gausu Group.

At least 10,000 workers toiled two teams around the clock to build the bridge, working from opposite sides of the bay and connects the two ends together in the middle.

While working on the deck, more engineers while building a tunnel under the bay follow, which will help facilitate the flow of traffic.

A total of 450 000 tons of steel were used in construction - enough to almost 65 Eiffel Towers - and 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete.

Chinese officials said the bridge would be strong enough to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake, hurricane, or the impact of 300000 tons of the ship.

The bridge has replaced the previous world record for duration of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, no less than four miles. However, it is eclipsed in 2016 by another Chinese bridge trestle, connecting Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong Province and is about 50 km in length.

Other Photos :-

This image taken Wednesday, June 29, 2011, published by the Chinese agency Xinhua, shows Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in Qingdao, east China's Shandong province. China has opened Thursday, June 30th, 2011, the world's longest cross-sea bridge, which is 42 kilometers (26 miles) long and connects the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao off the island, Huangdao. (AP Photo / Xinhua, Yan Runbo) is not for sale

Click Images to Zoom or watch Slide Show on Yahoo. Link is given at the End.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in Qingdao, East China `s Shandong Province. China opened the world's longest cross-sea `s bridge, which is 42 km (26 miles) long and joins China` s eastern port of Qingdao to an island off the coast, Huangdao. 

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