Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mahindra Reva EV NXR

Mahindra is going to launch full sized four-seater Reva EV NXR next year.

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited, India's largest company manufacturing electric vehicles (EV), based in Bangalore is likely that the launch of its first full-size next year four-seater electric car EV NXR. It will provide a solution to rising gasoline prices.

R. Chandramouli, Project Director of Mahindra Reva said the company will manufacture 30,000 units of Reva NXR later this year and the sale of these vehicles will begin next year.

The NXR Reva EV "will be available with a choice of lithium or lead acid battery. He also came to see the car with lithium is more expensive compared to the lead acid battery. Since the car with the Lithium has a higher speed than the mileage and about 100 miles per charge. However, the car with the lead acid battery can deliver a mileage of only 80 km per charge and its speed is very similar to the power of today Reva two-seater. That these lithium batteries have a battery life of 40 percent compared to lead acid batteries.

This is the body RSV NXR ABS steel framed and dent-resistant material. Machine size is slightly longer than the models like Maruti Estilo, but the design is very similar.

R. Chandramouli said that Reva has sold nearly 600 existing two-seater Reva last year and expects to sell more units by the end of this year. "It is because of its association with Mahindra, which last year bought 55% in REVA Electric Car Company," he added.

There are costs vary from Reva 3.36 lakh of Rs 3.89 lakh RS (on road price in Bangalore). However, the price of RSV NXR has yet to be announced.

Mahindra Reva EV NXR


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