Monday, October 3, 2011

Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo :-
Skoda Auto, The Czech Republic is based Company: which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Europe's biggest carmaker has unveiled a new small car - Skoda Citigate. Citigate model is based on the principle of popular model Volkswagen UP.

While in the style of the car looks anything like her older sister, Skoda Fabia, the overall look of the model Citigo to find a similarity with the newest Mission L & D Vision concepts Skoda. As seen in the concept MissionL the Citigo Skoda presented in a grid fins in a chrome frame.

Powered 1.0L three-cylinder, Citigate Skoda will have two power options, including the 59 hp and 74 hp. Both manual and automatic transmission versions of their Citigate posed a series of variations.

The car makes a lot of interior space large as follows: - Length - 3560mm Width - 1650 mm and height - 1480mm. The new Skoda Citigo wheelbase is more than 2420mm side. Four adult passengers can be accommodated easily in the car. The boot space of 251 liters 951 liters can become just fold the rear seats folded, if necessary.

Having established its position in the European market, the company expected to launch this model in the Indian market in the years to come.


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