Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chelsea New Stadium

New Stadium for Chelsea ? Roman Abramovich has made a concerted effort to move away from Stamford Bridge Chelsea - but when the Blues made their new home?

Russian oil billionaire wants his club to leave the site 106 years to massively increase the current capacity of 42,000 - large enough in relation to standards in English, but small enough to get it right the 60th largest stadium Europe.

Current capacity is a factor that Chelsea Chiefs keep believing the club back, especially in the new financial rules of the UEFA Fair Play aimed at making the balancing of the books (the distance from the nearest £ 10 million or so) the obligation to play in European competitions.

Relocation will not be easy. There is a big hurdle to overcome before any changes can be made, namely that the club does not own the freehold of the land and the stadium. It was purchased by fans of Chelsea in the late 1990s, with thousands clubbing together to protect the stadium developers.

Chelsea have just made an offer for the fans - the Chelsea Pitch Owners all shareholders Ltd - to convince them to sell for a club for the future. After all, increasing the capacity of 60 000 would be an additional income of £ 50,000,000 per season. And 'enough to bring the costly, past his best striker Liverpool once a year!

But if Chelsea does not happen, where would they go?

1. Earls Court

One of the most likely candidates are the iconic Exhibition Centre in London. It is located just down the road from Chelsea, is well served by public transport, are already struggling company exposure to light of competition from Excel in East London. But the owners of the land is already pushing through plans to build 7,500 new homes on the site of 77 acres.

2. Battersea Power Station

Across the River Thames, Chelsea is the old building (pictured, top right), until 1983, was one of the primary power stations in London. Public transportation is pretty decent, with the two stations Clapham Junction and Vauxhall, both within walking distance, and Chelsea are believed to be extremely high. Plans were drawn still there for three years from 65.000 to 75.000 seat stadium on the site with a retractable roof, if the club later denied having ordered the architects to create.

There are problems, however. The building is Grade II * listed, even if the stadium project, a magnificent Art Deco, and famous for its white stone towers would be shoo-in for every prize going architectural.

And there's also a strange curse on the condition of the site: since is closed, make every effort to rehabilitate failed. Chelsea will succeed where 20 years trying to transform the site of housing, parks, shopping malls, amusement parks and even (once he was questioned as the place to EuroDisney) have failed?

3. Wormwood Scrubs

Or not inside the iconic London jail, unfortunately, but Chelsea has provided a suitable piece of land right near the prison in the northeast corner of Hammersmith and Fulham. Chelsea are apparently due to the strong bonds of relatively poor transport site - ironic, considering the way it is awkward in front of the Route du Roi(King's Road).

4. White City

Chelsea are apparently not interested in going to the old Olympic stadium, according to some reports, when the club are determined to try to stay within three miles of their current base (White City, close to Shepherds Bush, is four miles ). Local authorities are not interested in going green light is: traffic and public transport are already tense over the weekend due to the large Westfield Shopping Centre, and can end the gridlock with 60,000 fans try to go to a football game. QPR Loftus Road is also nearby, which increases the potential chaos.

5. Richmond Park

Rugby fans are well served in this green corner of London, but not as football fans. Richmond has excellent road and rail, with its huge fleet of 2360 acres (the largest in London), plenty of room to spare for a stadium. The challenge will be to convince the Royal Park to sell a piece of land to the Russian oligarch.

6. Eastbourne

If Chelsea can get their heads around the idea of ​​moving a little over three miles from Stamford Bridge, their choice of location will increase exponentially. And considering the average age of current Chelsea team, what better than Sussex seaside town that is synonymous with long and happy retirement? Add to that the fact that the south coast of England does not currently have the Premier League clubs - and it must surely be a perfect place.

7. The 2012 Olympic Stadium

West Ham, Tottenham and Leyton Orient and disputes over who should be the new tenant of the Olympic stadium after the Games next year. Why not get involved and Chelsea? Transport links and local amenities are a fact, and Crossrail will be a day to go from west to east London, a simple view. And with ongoing litigation, and Abramovich will be used to put everything on the cut line. 

8. Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire

The village of East Riding, about seven miles east of York, is a charming small hotel - which could be confirmed by a daughter of Earl Spencer, brother of Princess Diana.

Lady Spencer and a friend called a taxi from the family estate in Northamptonshire three years ago to see Chelsea play, but he was mistaken for Yorkshire rather than the South West London - some 229 miles in wrong direction. So, to avoid similar accidents, why not just move the club to the picturesque village? At least this way visitors will not bother the locals by asking them where the existing bridge at Stamford Bridge.

9. Chukotka, Russia

If Abramovich decides that the time has come for Chelsea to move abroad, there is only one logical place: Chukotka. Abramovich was the governor of the remote province of Russia - a peninsula at the edge of Siberia - since 1999, and has provided benefits like the Sultan of Brunei people. What better present can you move one of the clubs in world football right most famous in the door?
10. The Acropolis, Athens     
Although we do not consider the alternatives abroad, why leave out the most obvious of all Greece. Abramovich is so rich, and the besieged population of the Mediterranean is now so severe that Russia is certainly afford to buy the entire country. If they did, why not use the position of the new stadium of the legendary Chelsea?

Besides that, people are passionate about football - maybe a little too enthusiastic, as the derby between Olympiakos and latest ended in violence Panathinaikos fan.


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